Preventing Covid-19 Virus (New Corona Virus)


General Guidelines for Preventing Covid-19 Virus (New Corona Virus)

Move ahead of the corona

With the publication of “Corona-2019” disease in Iran and the need to be aware of the nature of this disease and pay attention to key points in this regard, the Center for Strategic Studies of the Presidency in collaboration with the University of Tehran (Chinese Language Department) translated the general guidelines 19 “Let’s Move Ahead of Covid-19” produced by Zhang Wenhong at Fuden University in Shanghai, China.

The disease caused by the coronavirus, called coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), was first identified in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 virus is a new virus and belongs to the family of viruses such as SARS (acute respiratory syndrome) and other common colds. (Which, of course, are by no means the same.)

Zhang Wenhoug of Fuden University in Shanghai, China, has tried to explain the disease in three sections in the simplest way, with a brief description of the disease, and ways to deal with the disease in three parts.

۱- Familiarity with pneumonia caused by Covid-19

۲- Key points in individual prevention

۳- Ways to prevent Covid-19 infection in different conditions

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