About Founder

Habibollah Tavassoli was born in 1327 in Damavand, in a religious family. His father worked as a food banker in Damavand. He studied in his hometown until the third year of primary school, but after that, due to the economic changes of the family, they moved to Tehran and he studies untill the sixth year of primary school in Tehran.

حبیب الله توسلی

After that, due to his interest in industrial work, he worked as a Turning worker in a workshop until 1963.
Then he set up his workshop and despite the economic problems, due to his diligence, passion and great interest in innovation and change in life, in the fields of turning, casting (metal smelting), plastics, plating, Sale of sanitary and construction supplies had brilliant activities.

In this way, in order to achieve success, in addition to always doing everything by remembering and relying on God, he relied on his knowledge, effort and perseverance, as well as with side aids such as geting loans, consulting and the experiences of others has now reached this point.

Habibollah Tavassoli, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Iran Ensheab .co , is responsible for the trade unions of machine building, metal turning and melting, sanitary ware and construction as well as their cooperatives, and so far more than 1000 people have been trained and entered the labor market by his efforts, some of whom even , are now business owners themselves.