About Us

About Us

Iran Ensheab an industrial and manufacturing company standing half a century to manufacture various water supply instruments and facilities.

We started in 1982 after wide studies and benefiting specialists tied collabration through industry ministry permission and patent No.48947/26 , and initialy used to manufacture threated brass water meters (both piston and multijet) of the size 1/2″ to 2″ and continued manufacturing 2″ to 20″ flanged turbine water meters both of industrial and irrigation.

• Multijet
• Industrial
• Agriculture
• Home
• Rotary Piston

We are proud to

Along top management policies and quality management system, ISO9001:2008 has been implemented and the beliefe is to reach greater quality and quantity in such a way of quality management throughout running procedures.
Recently we have been facing new challenges of surging quality and quantity improved rivals, thus we planed greater respect to costumers’ satisfaction by improving sttafs speciality competence both sientificly and technical through team working and group thinking. For this purpose we switched to establishing new ways to employ specialists, setting new machines and founding equipped laboratory. On the other hand we began attending overall tenders to gain the same.

Iran Ensheab major objective and vision

We have been targetting insert mechanisms production considering industry development and confronting hustles by setting new machines and assembly lines in order to lower dependency to the sector.
We hope to gain the share of 30% the sector insert mechanism production.
And lastly we aim to gain self-sufficiency producing water meters for the next 5 years depending on our worth experiences, Specialized workforces and manipulating new methods of management , manufacturing and marketing.

customer satisfaction 85%
utilization rate 90%
material quality 95%

Key factors to our development

– Self-sufficiency including all producing parts.
– Collaborating modern companies and technology transfer.
– Optimizing the production line
– Specialists recruitment and production independency .
– Converting weaknesses to improvings.

Finaly we are proud to claim that

Insert mechanism manufacturing is a significant improvement to our company whereas others have to import.
Piping, joints, connectors and valve data center has put knowledge development and applying master facilities as the foremost prophecy and so on we moved to launch our website at the service of national employment and working forces as possible.